Monday, May 17, 2010

The Story So Far...

Im an AFS exchange student, going to Italy on September the 9th 2010 to July the 10th 2011. Yay!!! I only speak basic Italian and Im hoping to learn real quick over there. I chose Italy because its such a beautiful country! It has such a history, which I love! I love the food and the language and the culture and the people. AFS try to scare you by sending bulletins that says really weird things. An entire Chapter in my little booklet is called 'scolding means caring' It goes on about how I will be critised by my family and teachers rather than praised. It will become normal for me to lectured and scolded. This means that they love me???? OK then weird Italian people! Another funny title is 'Why is everybody screaming like that?' Italians express themselves by talking in tones which may appear very high to visiters that are in Italy for the first time. lol.

Ive been really busy, trying to fundraise for my trip and trying to get as many credits as I can before I go. So for the last 5 or so months Ive been going to school and working 7days till late, as well as a massive load of homework and other various fundraising stints. Who cares about sanity! We held a movie night at the cinema, viewing Alice in Wonderland, we made about $300. We had an Easter raffle, but I dont know how much we made then. I managed to score a $3000 AFS grant which has helped out heaps! SOOOOOO thankfull for that! So that combined with the efforts of me and my mum working at a dairy, my awesome uncle who has helped out and other doners, I have managed to raise over $13000. Not many 15 year olds can say that! So far my experience has been wicked! Ive already made friends through facebook with other students around the world going to Italy at the same time as me! I hope I can stay in contact with them. The coolest thing so far is I got an AFS Tshirt and Backpack! OMG!!!! I would do the exchange just for the TShirt aye!

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